Monday, December 05, 2005

Jaywalkers stalled...

After a mad panic on Friday when I decided that the Jaywalker sock wasn't going fit my size 7 (UK) foot, I have now decided that it will allowing that the pattern creates a very 'snug' sock (but where on the foot do you measure to get the 9" measurement????)

Jaywalker in Opal Rainforest Tiger
Jaywalker in Opal Rainforest Tiger

When this photo was taken last night I had just finished the heel flap & tonight whilst DD was swimming I turned the heel & picked up the stitches for the instep.

So far so good...

And then I hit a problem.

I'm knitting the sock on two 30cm addis & the pattern is written for dpns. After working row two of the pattern at the front of the sock repeating twice, I then picked 18 stitches along the heel flap & now I'm stuck.

The pattern reads:

"K12 from the heel needle. There are 21 sts on needles #2 & 3, 30 sts on #1 & #4.

Round 1: Work to 3 sts from end of needle #1, k2tog, k1. Work instep sts in established pattern (round 1 of zigzag pattern). K1, ssk at beginning of needle #4, work to end."

I've sat down with a piece of paper & still can't figure out how I transpose the pattern written for dpns into a pattern for two circs. I have the required 102 stitches & now need to decrease for the instep but can't work out where.

Can anybody who has knitted Jaywalkers on circs help me out????

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Cara said...

I have done all of mine on two circulars. I'm not sure what you don't understand. On one circular I kept the pattern stitches - 38. On the other circular - the one I did the heel on - I keep decreasing along the gusset until I have 32 stitches. The I knit until I'm ready to decrease for the heel - the 38 stitches in pattern, the 32 stitches in st.

Basically you don't touch the pattern stitches - they should remain exactly the same as they were before you started the heel flap - you decrease on either side of the pattern - does that make sense? Just think of it this way - st stiches on one circ, pattern stitches on the other.

Let me know if you still need help.