Monday, July 17, 2006

My 'Not So Secret' Pal

In this round of Secret Pal I was sending to a woman who frustrated me. She wasn't good at communicating & often took a days to reply to emails. She received her parcel but took a couple of days to tell me & as it was an overseas posting I was very worried that she hadn't received it. Then something else happened & both myself and the hostess had had enough.

Piglottie was also having a tough time spoiling someone and our hostess then had the fantastic idea that we spoil each other!

At knitting club on Friday we exchanged our first parcel & look what she gave me:

Handmade card
a handmade card

This is the second handmade card that she's given me & is just as beautiful as the first.

Folk Shawls
Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle

I've been meaning to get this book for ages ever since I borrowed Susoolu's copy & fell in love with it.

Then some of her home made soap:

homemade lavender & vanilla soap
homemade lavender & vanilla soap

I don't like the smell of commercially made lavender fragrance but this is fanastic & doesn't give me a headache. It's going to sit on a dish in the bathroom to make everything smell lovely for now as I've just opened a new bar of soap but it'll be next in the soap dish.

Then a ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK as I love both Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino Aran.

Cashmerino DK
Cashmerino DK

I can see a Panta being made in this but suspect it'll get 'liberated' by DD.

Talking of DD there was also a little something for her:

Stitch Markers
Stitch Markers

Piglottie has also made some for Susoolu in pink & black & DD was drooling at them when we all met up for the Knitting World Cup much to the amusement of those who knew what was going on.

There was also a small bar of Green & Blacks chocolate but I'm afraid that didn't last long enough to wait for the photo shoot

Thanks so much Piglottie for such a thoughtful parcel & I've also had a lot fun chosing your presents


Steph said...

Wow - what a wonderful parcel! I especially love the handmade soap and the stitch markers. :-)

Piglottie said...

So pleased you like it and here's to the end of secret pal traumas! Your next pressie is all sorted so we'll just have to wait til August now...

Daisy said...

Sounds like it's all worked out well for you both in the end!
My One skein SP is currently driving me up the wall - she took a month to let me know she'd received the first parcel!