Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knitting World Cup completed

All of our squad have completed their Knitting World Cup projects & we met up today in the park to compare notes:

Manna Uknitted World Cup Knitting
Manna Uknitted squad projects completed

Piglottie made the French Market Bag & as our coach kept us motivated & kicked butts where necessary , Piglet created a beautiful Fair Isle beret which is SO neat & Hello Mango who is a fantastic crocher ventured into the world of knitting & made a fabulous Rooster jumper for her DS. 'Baby Pearl' was created by another player who at the moment is blogless but not for long - I'll add a link to her ASAP.

Special thanks go to Susoolu who has provided help & support above & beyond the call of duty including telephone pattern support when I (twice) left the pattern at home whilst out & about knitting. DH also deserves a mention as he has been extremely patient most of the time but is very relieved to get his 'life' back now - bless

My project was a pair of lace toe up socks as I had always done cuff down patterns previously.

Oriel toe up sock
Finished Oriel Socks

The yarn is Regia Havanna Colour shade 4197 & came my way via a swap for an out of print Rowan book that I no longer wanted with Melody Yarns

Regia Havanna Color
Regia Havanna Color 4179

The pattern is Oriel from Sensational Knitted Socks . This is my second pair of socks from this book (the first being Garter Rib socks). Started 9th June & finished 8th July very early in the morning & today I'm shattered.

When I first read the pattern I couldn't get my head around the contruction of the sock so I've included an illustration of the construction below incase anybody else is puzzled as well. Most of the photos have already been seen here before but not all:

Oriel toe up sock
part way up the foot

Oriel toe up sock
foot & sole

Oriel toe up sock
foot, sole + heel

Oriel toe up sock
foot, sole,heel + stitches picked up for the gusset

Oriel toe up sock
foot, heel & gusset finished just the calf to go

Oriel toe up sock
going up the leg

Finished Oriel Socks
Finished Oriel Socks

I have 6g of yarn left over & am making a cover for my mobile phone as the colours are perfect:

my mobile & start of a new cover
my mobile & start of a new cover

8/7/6 edited to add

I used The Turkish Cast On and a stretchy bind off for the Oriel socks both of which I was really impressed with.


Laura said...

The socks are fantastic! I love the colourway of the yarn.

Bridget said...

Great socks! Love the color.

laughingrat said...

Congratulations! They did turn out really lovely. I will have to return to mine eventually. ;)

That construction is really neat. I figured you were just doing a short-row heel like a lot of toe-up patterns call for, but it actually mimics a heel-flap and gusset construction, doesn't it? It's really interesting looking.

Everyone's projects are great. The color choice on that bag is something special.

ambermoggie said...

very impressive, well done to you all and I love your socks

Piglottie said...

Well done and the socks have turned out fantastic. It was fun being your coach!

Melody said...

The socks look great! The colour really compliments the sock pattern you chose.

I must get back to knitting my Dad's Opal Magic socks in the *yawn* grey colourway.....

Melody (aka Deb the Brit) xx

Sandra said...

Great knittings! ANd I learned 3rd way of knitting socks - thanks, specially for stretchy bind off!

Diane said...

DH also deserves a mention as he has been extremely patient most of the time but is very relieved to get his 'life' back now - bless

Can't my hubby see this posting because he'll want his life back too. You'd think after 23 yrs he'd have gotten use to living a life with a knitter. LOL

Carolyn said...

The socks look great! SKS is a fabulous book isn't it? I've yet to pluck up the courage to try toe up - your photos are very helpful though.

Daisy said...

Gorgeous socks! I think I'm going to add that pattern to my list of things to make! Thanks for the extra pics showing the construction too - that's a big help!