Monday, August 08, 2005

We're back

We actually got back last night but I was too busy & tired to post an update.

We had 15 days in Dorset/Devon but for the first 10 days in rained everyday. We had 3 dry days in total & the whole of the South West had a severe weather warning for the first week - joy - not!

We didn't end up moving the site near Dorchester which was really good & stayed put for the whole holiday. My Dad's house was only 3 miles away from our campsite which I hadn't realised when I booked the site. DH & DD had never met him before as he's normally overseas but has stayed in England for the past year so I pleaded for him to be around so that we could visit him. It was fantatic to see him again & DD adores him. DH is very happy to go back to that part of the world again soon which is very unlike him (normally he likes to explore new places) so I can see that we'll go back again soon.

We visited some local attractions including The Donkey Sanctuary, the Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas and Monkey World. They were all fantastic but I only have photos for Monkey World as DH didn't go to the others and he's the photographer in the family. Hopefully I'll be able to put some photos up in the next few days.

The Donkey Sanctuary and Monkey World are both rescue santuaries and the treatment that some of these animals endured before being rescued is horrendous. If we lived closer or if I have a windfall I would/will definately adopt a Primate and will be adopting a Donkey on DD's behalf for her birthday in a couple of months.

I didn't get much knitting done but did finish my French Market bag. I need a photo of it before I can felt it - coming soon. I had 140g left of the purple Jamieson's Chunky Shetland left & as I'd already balled it up felt that I wouldn't be able to return it so I've used it to create something else - more info when it's finished.

DH & I didn't really get on during our holiday & we've got somethings to sort out but will hopefully sort it all out soon. No more details I don't want to share that much information with the knitting community!

To top off this near disaster (awful weather & rows) - we had to be towed home via the RAC!. Another local company did the actually towing but it was free on my membership - thank god. The driver was a lovely guy which made it far more bareable & he even let the dogs ride in the cab - they didn't appreciate this btw & spent the whole time freaking out under the back seat amongst jump leads & other recovery essentials. This was all because DH sprained his ankle on Thursday night playing 5 a side football with Dad & his friends. We spent the best part of Friday twoing & frooing between the Doctors & the nearest hospital for x-rays & luckily were able to drop DD & the dogs off with my Dad. She would have been a nervous wreck & the dogs too hot in the car. As it was she had a fantastic time painting & learnt to blend colours - I can see lots of painting happening here soon.

I've just found out tonight what DH's boss is pregnant & she's lovely so I'll be doing something for the baby to be - probably the Alphabet blanket as knitted by Knitternatter in Wool Cotton - I've got some sandy yellow & silvery grey in my stash.


Your Secret Pal said...

Hi there! glad your back ive had your next parcel ready for a while so i'll get it organised to send right away!

SP x

Fred said...

Glad you got back safe and sound which is the main thing. Annoying about the weather but at least when you take DH/DD back you can go to a different part down there and it is still somewhere new! How is the blanket coming along?

C x said...

I'm going to be starting on the alphabet blanket some time over the next month as well so I will be sure to check back to see how you are getting on.:)

I dunno if you are already aware, but there are some errors in the chart for this pattern so you may want to print of the corrections (which are on Debbie Bliss' site)
before you get started.

You will probably approve of the fact I have decided to knit my blankie in purple !

blueadt said...

Oooh - how exciting Secret Pal. I've been looking out for the postman!