Friday, January 06, 2006

Bandwidth Theft

DH has realised that some people are 'hot linking' to my photos & using his bandwidth. Images used include this one of Llamas and a Paper bag!

So he has had to limit access to images on his server from 'certified' websites only. If you would like to use my button & don't have any way of uploading it yourself (most knitters can do this as they upload their own pics) please leave a comment & I'll sort something out. He has designed a 'leeching' jpg which replaces the stolen photos - should shock a few thieves I think


Kim said...

Dastardly, but funny! I wonder why on earth anybody would want to hotlink to a paper bag?

Daisy said...

Maybe he should offer to lend the "leaching" jpg to SecretPal 7, who've also been having big problems with bandwidth theft!
I suspect that Radio Lincolnshire doesn't have archived programmes to listen to, but I'll try and remember to ask them when I'm there tomorrow.

Woolly Wormhead said...

How do you know is someone is stealing your bandwith? Also, after catching up with your posts the other day, I was curious to know how you discovered how folk find your blog? (google search etc)