Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rough week

We've had a rough week here - no deaths or mass murder but everybody has had a stressful time.

My first full week back at work & I'm convinced my boss has taken a New Years Resolution to ride my back. 'Ride her hard to maximise performance' but you know I don't perform well I'm if being pressurised. I'm pretty self motivated as it is, as I take pride in my work - I know I can do the job & am good at it and I don't need to hear a whip cracking in my ear. Even though he hasn't been in the office all week I'm still getting it. So finally yesterday I cracked a bit & said that I had enough to get on with & could he please leave me to get on with it. And today he has. I only came in to one email from him requesting me to do something, nice as pie on the phone & little pressure.

DH has also had a tough time but for different reasons. Major disappointment, expectations dashed & all hopes lost. He's getting over it now but was really low for a while.

DD has a maths test tomorrow & don't I know about it! Maths is her best subject - she adores it. How many other children do you know who at the age of 6 used to go to bed with a list of sums instead of a bed time story??? Anyway after I had tested her on all the times tables, she said she was going to practise some more & could I test her again soon - sure I replied.

Soon turned out to be just as I was juggling dinner: rice on the boil, quorn fillets & mushrooms browning in the pan, brocolli steaming & salad being finished - not a good time. So mass explosion & door slamming as I couldn't add what is 7x8 or 9x3 to the mix. DH managed to calm her down later but the family dinner that I had planned didn't meet expectations & that's not because of the food.

So lets see what next week brings - including results of aforementioned maths test & some knitting....


Andrea said...

Hopefully next week will be better - it looks like by being firm with him your boss has got the message.

I see you have signed up for SP7 - I will have to enjoy vicariously this time as I'm sitting this one out. Mainly due to time and £ constraints.

Kylie said...

I am sure next week will be better for you *hugs*

Diane said...

OOH boy,having 2 teenage sons i know exactly what you mean about "soon" and the spoilt mealtimes,i think it's one of the downsides of being a mum....thank goodness there are more ups than downs!BTW my youngest son is a bit of a maths infants and junior school he really struggled, but since he moved into senior school he has blossomed into a bit of a boff :0) Hope your little one carries onwards and upwards....maybe she'll be the 1st female chancellor of the exchequer???

Carolyn said...

Gosh, sounds like it's been a tough week! I've had bosses just like that - aren't they the pits?

Hope things improve over the weekend ;)