Thursday, January 19, 2006

Basic pattern +

I'm now repeating the Debbie Bliss Boat Neck Sweater but am experimenting & adapting the pattern to suit me. As I can't stand sewing up I'm knitting the body in the round.

Boat Neck Sweater in the round
Boat Neck Sweater in the round

This picture was taken last night & looks worse than it was as I'd borrowed one needle for something else so half the stitches were on a spare bit of yarn.

I'm now close to finishing the first of 3 50g balls of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran in 'Prose' that I found last week half price in a bargain bin. The yardage is less than the suggested Cashmerino Aran so am using a ball of black which also jumped into my basket (along with some red for DD but that's another post) on the garter stitch cuffs. The body will be going back onto bits of yarn tonight as I'll be starting the two sleeves tomorrow (on one set of two needles - not done that before) as I want to know how much of the body I have to knit flat rather than in the round to set the sleeves in - I hope that makes sense.

This jumper is going to my Airedale loving Canadian friend who shares my love of purple amongst other things. The colour combination really reminds me of my French Market bag which has been felted & finished for months but is still waiting for the lining to be sewn in - can you see a trend developing here? Said baby has sadly outgrown her Daisy cardigan & it's cold in Canada.

OTN + shouting for my attention: My Entrelac Shawl is waiting patiently for me to have some peaceful & unhasseled knitting time & the Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalkers are growling from the corner where they've been stashed whilst I dealt with the mass of baby knits.

BTW: Just in case anybody gets the wrong idea - I'm not broody - far from it! It seems that everybody I know is pregnant or has given birth in the last few months. Found out that another ex-work colleague is pregnant yesterday but that's it no more - after the blanket for a neighbour - made one for the otherside last year & can't do one without the other. However that's planned in stash yarn so it'll be good to clear it.

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