Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nice surprise

I came in tonight after the Kids Knitting Club at DD's school, to an empty house, bouncy dogs & a mad rush to get DD fed in time for swimming, to find a nice surprise in my inbox. My SP had sent me an e-card from GGH

SP7 e-card

with the following message

"Have a happy day!

Cheerio for now, your SP"

Isn't it cute! I think it's a Lemur - any better suggestions?

Thanks SP - I've got absolutely no idea who you are but look forward to getting to know you.


Anne said...


I'd say lemur - one of those "active at night" ones with the big dopy-looking eyes.

Whatever it is, it's very cute!

Wye Sue said...

The others are just as cute...
Thanks for sharing, had to send 'spunk' to a friend !
Have Jaywalkers grown anymore or are they still hidding.
Looking forward to Skipnorth
Take Care

blueadt said...

Yes the first Jaywalker is no longer growling as it's getting attention & will be revealed soon....

ra said...

just read "100 things about you". Is that Baileys and red wine together???????

blueadt said...

ROFL - no separately. I've also been known to pour a bit of Baileys over Hargan Daaz Baileys ice-cream but I haven't done that one for a few years.

HazelNutcluster said...

Ah, I thought my two comments weren't added because I wasn't worthy, lol! It's a relief to see it wasn't just me :)

It was only something about Pampered Chef cooling trays anyway. I thought I recognised them. How interesting am I? ;)

blueadt said...

Hi Hazelnutcluster

The cooling trays that I use were bought from http://www.lakelandlimited.co.uk/ years ago - I'm not sure they still stock them.

Like knitting it helps to have the right equipment when cooking!

Give me addi's over lumpy bumpy circs anytime!

HazelNutcluster said...

I've only just got my first Addi circs and I am thrilled. Most of my needles have been 'hand-me-downs' so I've only just understood why people rave about them :)

Ah yes, Lakeland are good people :)

TutleyMutley said...

Yep, I'd agree with the lemur guess too - though might be some kind of lizard or reptile??? Those legs are very froggy...
Whatever he's cute.