Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally - It's happened to me.....

The Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalkers are finished:

Tiger Jaywalkers
Tiger Jaywalkers

Started: November 13th 2005
Finished: March 17th 2006
Yarn: Tiger Opal Rainforest

These socks have taken a stupid amount of time to knit but are only my third pair & with hindsight I wasn't ready for this pattern. I got stuck LOADS of times but have made it (phew). The heels don't match but the toes are tidy. Annoying the colour has pooled again & this time is really noticeable across the front of my ankle.

They fit perfectly & I'm definately going to use the life line in every sock from now on. Part of me wants to undo the toes on my first pair as one is looser than the other & re do them but I can't be bothered.

Finally some cat pics again. Tracy asked about Monet's eyes - she has the most beautiful green eyes but the flash bounced off them in the last photo. So here she is again looking very comfortable, hanging off the sofa.




susoolu said...

Yippee - frantic flag waving and hand-clapping! But now these are done, you will be ready for anything a sock can throw at you. And they do look very tigery.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Yey! Finished socks looking grand, m'dear :)

Indeedy, very tigery. And you have to be the first person to text me to say their Jaywalkers are finished - good for you - be proud!

sal the spider said...

Good job! Don't think the pooling is a problem, just looks Tigery! Beautiful cat!:-)
Sal x

colin said...

beautiful socks!

Daisy said...

Indeed very tigery! Well done. Love all the pics of Monet too!

Fred said...

Congrats again now you've finished them but I can't get out of my head the song "tiger feet" !!

Tracy said...

Gerrrrooowl! Look at those, really snazzy. I love the way Monet is giving you that sideways, "what is she doing now?" pose.

Amelie said...

They look fantastic, well done!

Bryony said...

Whatever you think, they look fab :D I agree on the toes (I'm wearing my Jaywalkers now and feel very comfy and cosy) - they are beautifully shaped. You should go for one of the Amelia Raitte sock patterns next and be daring. If you are brave, and believe you can make something, you can. Don't you love the effect of the slip stitch with varigated yarn?

Seahorse said...

Love, love, *love* those socks! Th ebest pair of Jaywalkers I've sen yet!