Monday, March 13, 2006

Still here

Thanks to everyone for your comments & emails. They're much appreciated. It's a real mix of things but I think that Ruth has probably hit closest to home. So close in fact that she recommended on Sunday evening that I take to my bed when I had in fact spent all day in bed listening to Knit Cast and Cast On on DH's laptop, as DD was luckily whisked away by my MIL for a snowy visit to her cousins house. But I couldn't handle the sticky sweaty feeling that you get from staying in bed all day so got up mid day & had a bath & washed my hair only to need another bath before I went to bed as I was too hot (again).

I managed to solve the problem that I was having with the Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalker and this was my progress last night:

2nd Tiger Jaywalker
2nd Tiger Jaywalker - progress at last

I had wrapped the slipped stitch on the first row which wasn't called for in the pattern so I've no idea why I did it in the first sock. This sock however fits perfectly & I wanted to duplicate it.

Also a photo of the aforementioned yucky project:

Blue Snowflake blanket
Blue Snowflake blanket

This is possibly the simplest knit of all - 108 stitches cast on, 4 rows garter stitch & then with a 4 stitch garter stitch edging the body of the blanket is knitted in stocking stitch. I'm allowing 150g of yarn which is also the amount I have left in my stash - funny that isn't it! I'm now onto the second 50g ball and am pushing ahead in the mindless knit stakes which to be honest is probably what I need right now. This blanket is for a certain little baby boy born two weeks ago who has already recieved these & also these bootees one of which was knitted whilst I had Black Eyed Flu:

Blue cable bootees
Blue cable bootees

I didn't know the gender of the baby but played it safe making a pair of blue bootees as my neighbour is having a boy next month so I knew that there would a home for them somewhere soon.

I'm still feeling low but it'll pass at some point when the black cloud is ready to drift away from my head & leave me to be my normal bouncy self. I feel so tired like this and have had a couple of beers tonight to make it easier to me to sleep when I hit the sack. So I'm going to leave you with a couple of cat pics just because I have them & because the girls were looking particulary cute tonight:


Tia in her box

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Tracy said...

I think I'll treat myself to a bit of warming liquid to make me feel sleepy tonight. I love Monet's eyes in the photo, are they a touch blue brought out by the flash or is it a fluke and they're brown really?