Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Torture Tuesday

DD was like a dead thing in bed this morning - nothing would rouse her. In the end DH resorted to licking his finger & sticking it in her ear - she slowly rose from her pit, hair everywhere & body heavy.

It turns out that she swam about 4400 meters last night: 220 lengths in a 20 meter pool which included 11 x 100m heart rate sets & an 80 length warm up. I've worked it out at 2.75 miles in two hours. No wonder the kids call it Torture Tuesday!

She puts both DH & myself to shame. Tonight is her night off & I'm swimming. I won't be able to match her but will do more than I normally do. I'll try to get her to have an early night tonight but it'll be a struggle.


Tracy said...

I had a Friday every week that used to be like that during my swimming years. We'd have the usual lengths for warm ups followed by time trials and then have to practice whatever trial we'd not matched until we did equalise. Of course by that time, we were absolutely zonked and would raid the chocolate on the way out as we were so ravenous. Still, it's better than being sat in front of the tv!

Daisy said...

I feel tired just reading that...

blueadt said...

Luckily her Fridays aren't bad as it's the last session of the week. The squad are in a different pool with blocks so they practice starts, turns, diving & take overs. She used to train on Saturday mornings but I got fed up of dragging her out of bed at 6.30 so now she does a Thursday instead.

I've realised why this Tuesday was so bad:

1) they normally have a 50 length warm up - this week is was 80

2) they normally do 10 x 100m heart rate sets, this week they did 11

3) she wore her new drag pants which I bought at the meet on Sunday. These are shorts which are worn over the costume or trunks, providing an extra layer & therefore resistance to aid stamina when training. They're aren't worn when competing so you end up swimming faster as you're used to swimming with the extra 'drag'.

So tonight no drag pants & she's tired but should be able to get up for school tomorrow.

Tracy - do you still swim?

blueadt said...

I forgot to add that I'm also one of those evil mums who only allow their kids to eat sweets one day a week. After training DD gets a ceral bar, fruit or a sandwhich as she's getting changed. Plus she often has toast after her shower at home.

This was proven to be worth it last week when her teacher asked the class if they had any fillings. DD was the only child in the whole class who didn't have a single filling.