Sunday, March 05, 2006

I have a confession to make.....

My name is blueadt & I have a serious yarn habit

It has all been organised recently and I now have 6 (yes I did say 6) large boxes occupying Vinces' room & there's no way I can go to 7. So prompted by Ruths' example I've applied to join Stashalong. I'm going to do a month at a time & for me patterns & books definately DO NOT count.

To further shame myself I've compiled a list of my WIP's to kick my butt into gear:

  1. Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalker - the first heel isn't correct but I love it. However so far I've been unable to recreate my mistake & get two matching heels but I will keep trying.

  2. Entrelac Shawl - this hasn't been touched since August last year so I've got to get on with it.

  3. Dumpling in Rowan Big Wool given to me by my Secret Pal 5. It started off life as a scarf but I didn't like it so it got frogged - not everything makes it on here. The knitting is finished & I just need to block it & sew the sleeves in.

  4. Boat Neck Sweater in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran. This has been finished for over a month & I've got half a sleeve to sew in.

  5. Baby blanket in Sirdar Snowflake. Yucky yarn but great for baby blankets - stash reducing project.

  6. Crocheted hat for DD in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran. Has been frogged a few times & I need her with me when I'm working on it to keep trying it on her.

  7. Simple shoes - this is 66% of what I achieved the other week when I had 'Black Eyed Flu' not much but it took loads of effort. They need sewing up & another pair knitting as a friend is having twin girls soon.

  8. Cream cotton baby jumper - found recently in a basket in the loft - probably about 8 years old. Just needs another sleeve, I hope my tension hasn't changed too much

  9. Fingerless gloves - first glove has a thumb. Knitted in blue varigated machine washable wool bought last week at The Skep

I'd better get on with it....

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Kim said...

blueadt--thanks for your interest in Stashalong--I will actually be opening Stashalong up to anyone who wants to join on April 1st. It's new location will be Keep an eye out there for sign up information--I should be posting that this week sometime :) Can't wait to have you on board!