Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I've been having a long hard think about my stash recently. I know most knitters would say that you can never have too much yarn but I have - for me.

It was brought home to me with Lady Eleanor as I'm enjoying this yarn & pattern & it's growing fast, very fast. Whereas the Snowflake baby blanket took about 3 months purely because I hated knitting it. I didn't enjoy the texture of the yarn, was extremely bored with the basic pattern & it became a chore. It is a fantastic baby yarn but not for me. I don't have a baby & don't plan to have anymore so am very happy that it's going to a new home.

I'm being sensible & have started to go through my stash & getting rid of yarn that I either no longer like (masses of Snowflake - I didn't realise I had so much!), like but can't find the perfect pattern for or books that I'll never use.

Since the weekend I have either sold or swapped 1900g of yarn or 38 x50g balls + a Rowan book which I didn't use. I have two beautiful balls of sock yarn heading my way & enough money to pay for the Noro Silk Garden which I bought last week with some left over.

If anybody in the UK would like to give a home to this little cone of yarn - please leave me a comment with your email address. If overseas I may also do it but it'll be more complicated & expensive due to currency & postage.

BDebbie Bliss Aran Tweed
320g Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed

There is enough yarn to do either the Zipped Jacket (ages 2 or 3) or The Lined Coat (ages 12-18 mths or 18-24 mths) featured in the tweed collection which is also available.

I'm open to offers or swaps for sock yarn.

[19/5/6 - A swap has been arranged & neither book nor yarn are available any more]


Anne said...


Looks gorgeous, but no. I can't. My stash is already sufficiently out of control - and even if I swapped, it would still just be another project sitting glaring at me :-(

Emily said...

I'm really interested in the book (the Debbie Bliss book). I can send you some handpainted sock yarn in return - with angora, going to start selling it soonish, thinking of posting about it on my site today or tomorrow - and some Opal or any other sock yarn you fancy!

Let me know. I do live oversea (Belgium), but I guess that's not that big a problem for books, or is it?


blueadt said...


Can you leave your email address?

Emily said...
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