Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Halloween pumpkin
Home grown Halloween pumpkin

DD grew this pumpkin herself from seed so was justifably chuffed with herself tonight. She went Trick or Treating with her best friend & dressed up as a vampire - another excuse to wear lots of black & her favourite black silk head band covered in skulls.

Susoolu surprised her today with a belated birthday present as DD turned 11 at the beginning of October:

Blue & Annie
Skull Stitch markers made by MLQ Knits

For once DD was speechless as she was so taken by them. Click here for a closer look.

Thank you so much Susoolu it was a lovely thing to do & you've made a 'not so little girl' very happy


susoolu said...

My absolute pleasure - and apart from anything else it was truly amazing to see your girl so utterly speechless!

Mary-Lou said...

So pleased to hear that the stitch-markers were a success! - Happy belated birthday to DD!

Piglottie said...

Well done to DD on the growing and carving of a superb pumpkin!

the stripey tiger said...

Well done DD on the pumpkin!! I've been meaning to comment for a while (but I've always been feeding the bub and surfing - so no hand for typing) about how strange it is that we have both been selling our house at the same time. We were lucky on the weekend - Fingers crossed you are too!!! xx Stripey