Friday, October 20, 2006

Necessary Evil

Tia is really starting to go down hill. We've lived together for over 18 years all over the country. From bedsits in London, shared student houses in Bradford & for the last 13 years she has shared my life with DH. She is now on medication for her various ailments & is responding well.

However old age is catching up with her in another way as well & she's stopped grooming herself. I've been brushing & combing her to control the fur but she was getting really smelly. I was hoping that my vet could suggest a way of controling the grease - a sort of feline blanket bath but instead he suggested giving her a bath

Tia before her bath - stinking

I knew that she wouldn't enjoy it but it was getting the point whereby none of us wanted to cuddle her as she was so smelly so something had to be done:

Tia in the bath - under protest

Tia after her bath - skin & bone

I tried using my dog dryer on her on it's lowest setting but she didn't tolerate it so that was abandoned. She now smells much better & spent the afternoon doing something that she's done all her life - stealing dog heat:

Blue & Annie
Tia & Blue

Or even better - the whole bed!

Dog bed stealer

I think this will be her last winter


Bryony said...

Awww, poor Tia! She's gorgeous, and clearly very happy when she isn't wet, so you have a lot to be happy for. 18 is a very very very good age for a puss. I do love that 'I'm wet and NOT impressed' face that she has :D And that one eye open 'Go away before I make you go away' look :D

Piglottie said...

Bless her! Sad to hear she is going downhill. What a journey the two of you have been on.

PS: I think she looks really cute wet although I'm sure she has other ideas!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh poor love . Trust a cat to find the best spot :) a dog is no contest

Fred said...

I don't know if you can still get them but there was about 4 years ago the pet equivalent of baby wet wipes. I found though that cats and washing machines don't mix!

Daisy said...

Lovely photos - especially the one of her stealing dog warmth!
Sooty went like that when he was going downhill.

modelwidow said...

Hope Tia forgave you quickly, she probably feels better for being clean again though. She`s lucky to have such a caring mum.

amore said...

tia looks like my cat dribble. 18, wow what a fantastic age. The thought of a pet dying is really sad, Im sure though that she has had a fantastic life.

laughingrat said...

Aw, the poor old lady. I am glad she has you to care for her in her old age.