Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our home

The house was valued at the weekend & now we just have to instruct the agents that we've chosen & arrange another appointment for them to take pics & do a floor plan. DH took his own photos which I'll share with you below. Most of the images are clickable for a bigger picture.

our house
our house

Can you see our extra pet? None of the estate agents were prepared for what they found when they entered the house:

click on me for a bigger picture of the living room
Living Room

click on me for a bigger picture of the Kitchen

click on me for a bigger picture of Our Bedroom
Our Bedroom

DDs' bedroom
DDs' bedroom

click on me for a bigger picture of Bedroom 3 - Vinces' room
Spare room

Our bathroom
Our bathroom

click on me for a bigger picture of the storage cupboard
Storage cupboard in the hall upstairs

Our Alarm system



I think we'll miss the kitchen, bathroom + storage most of all as both were planned & designed by us for us & DH of course built it all. None of the houses we've looked at even come close but we're moving to get into a certain area to get DD in a good school so have no choice. The last estate agent said that DH could 'do it all again' at which he made a face but I hope he does


Woolly Wormhead said...

I'm sure you will miss certain aspects of your home, as we can all see how much work DH has done and how you've made it a home.

But the new place will be a fresh start, a blank canvas for you all to make your own.

Good luck with it all, hope you sell in time to buy the one you like.

Daisy said...

Wow, your house looks fab - I'd put in an offer straight away!

Bagpuss said...

You have a beautiful house and your dogs are so cute.