Friday, October 27, 2006

Diamante progress

Started ages ago, when I was recovering from whatever knocked me backwards & then abandoned when we embarked on our manic decluttering, my diamante socks are finally back on track:

Diamante sock
Diamante - gusset increases complete

Bad news is that I haven't made them long enough but the lifeline means that it's not too much hassle to rip out & increase a bit more before I do the gusset increases again.


Anonymous said...

Just had to say Hi. Your mitten looks great; love your blue paw markers! Good luck with moving house. My 2 ADT's send woofs, too. Pam

Dipsy D. said...

Your sock is coming along so nicely, I really love this pattern - and the yarn you're using for it seems so soft and cozy! Looking forward to seeing the finished pair!

Piglottie said...

The sock is looking great. I love the colour (but then, its very me!). Shame about having to rip back but at least you've got the lifeline. Hope the house sale is going well.

Deb said...

Looks great - so exciting to see others' work!

Are you sure it's not long enough? The bottom flap and its shaping will add a bit of length, so don't get too frog-happy if you don't have to!