Monday, July 09, 2007

Back on track

I'd like to thank you all for all the lovely comments over the past few weeks. The Flooding has left us luckily untouched (apart from when I had to abandon the car) & our home is safe & dry. However many thousands of people weren't so lucky and everywhere you go piles of ruined carpets & laminate flooring are evident piled up on driveways or the grass outside homes. My SIL & her family were flooded out as were LOADS of friends & every day we hear of someone else we know who is now living in a hotel, caravan or with staying with family indefinitely. It's been estimated that it'll take up to two years for the area to recover which is a really frightening thought.

A bit closer to home my tooth ache is finally subsiding as I'm responding to the medication but I've still got a bit of a niggle. So am going back to the Dentist tomorrow & am hoping that I'll be given a repeat prescription. For those that don't know I had a bad experience years ago whilst at the Dentist so am a total wimp when it comes to anything involving my teeth.

But this is meant to be a KNITTING blog I hear you moan. Fair enough, personal stuff over, this is what I've been working on recently:

My So Called Scarf
My So Called Scarf

My So Called Scarf in a brown chunky yarn that I bought at Coldspring Mill earlier in the year. I still love the yarn but I'm limited where I can work on this as the friend that I'm now giving it to is often at the pool as our DD's train together. I've decided to make my Manchester friend a pair of Fuzzy Feet as I love mine so much in the same brown yarn.

So my poolside knitting (yes DD is training again after the pot was removed last week) & general anywhere KIP project is still that same pair of socks for my big footed DH:

Small Tiles socks
Small Tiles from More Sensational Knitted Socks

They seem to be taking forever but I blame that on the 2mm needles & knitting two at the same time so any progress is slow. I wasn't sure about the pattern at first but it's growing on me; you can see it better here. He loves the colours & they're helping to keep my interest but are a bit orangey for me.

I've decided to have a real push to finish or frog existing WIP's as I have too many things on the go and I'm hoping to show some FO's here in the not too distant future.


Secret said...

I love the scarf. I made one in manos uruguay (same as the sheep in the city lady) and it is just the most beautiful thing. I want to make a slightly wider longer one. Love love love the stitch!

Also happy to hear the waters receding, and that the toothache is hopefully going the way of the flood water! I had to go to the dentist yesterday - ugh. It has a certain smell, dentists' offices. Not a pleasant association.

modelwidow said...

The so called scarf is really lovely.
Hope your trip to the dentist turned out ok.

Steph said...

Gorgeous socks, gorgeous scarf! Hope your tooth feels better now.

Put a Sock in it said...

The stitch definition on your scarf is fab. What lovely yarn.

Love the pattern on the socks. :) It's funny, I barely notice the difference between 2.25 & 2.5mm, but I sure do when I go down to 2mm.