Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Knit Picks order

My order arrived within a week from the States which I thought was fantastic. The box arrived at work on a day when I was feeling a bit down & sorry for myself with tooth ache & other stresses and it helped to cheer me up

When deciding what to buy I changed my mind so many times but this is what I finally settled on:

Knit Picks Memories:

Knit Picks Memories
Lto R: Redwood Forest, Hawaii & Rocky Mountain Dusk

My friend CL sent me a skein of this for my birthday & I love it. It's on my list of new projects when I finally clear my outstanding WIP's & I'm planning on making felted boxes for family this Christmas. Plus I bought an extra two skeins of Redwood to make socks for myself but now wish I'd got the Hawaii instead as the colours are so pretty.

Knit Picks Gloss Sock Yarn
L to R: Black, Dusk & Woodland Sage

This choice was again influenced by Christmas presents from CL. She sent me Gloss in Concord Grape which is absolutely beautiful. I also liked the burgundy but already have some Regia Silk in burgundy from my Secret Pal 6 Yvonne which I love (and it keeps waving at me when I go up into the loft) so didn't want to get the same colour again.

Again influenced by previous presents from CL some Knit Picks Essential Tweed:

Knit Picks Essential Tweed
Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Plum

Then some Palette to felt with:

Knit Picks Palette
Knit Picks Palette in Black

Knit Picks Palette
Knit Picks Palette in Salsa Heather

and finally some 12mm needle tips to go with my Options set that CL sent me for my birthday:

nit Picks Options Needle tips
12mm needle tips

DD & I used the set the day after they arrived at the Parent & Child weekend but of course DD needed 12mm needles which is one of the few that CL didn't send me as I thought I wouldn't need them

We were allowed to order up to $70 worth of yarn, needles & patterns which equated to about £35. I kept my order under £32 to avoid any customs charges & therefore also avoided the £8 handling fee charged by Royal Mail. Plus I didn't get charged any VAT which was a bit of a surprise. The actually shipping was very swift & the yarns are beautiful but I just wish they had more adventurous colours.

If any UK readers are able to buy on a set of Options via a friend in Canada or America go for it. They're absolutely wonderful needles & far outclass Addi Turbos any day. Hopefully everyone else who participated in the trial had a easy time re charges like I did & then postage might be extended to the UK as well

ETA: I've just noticed that they sent me Autumn Heather rather than Salsa Heather in Palette.


gilraen said...

Looks great!! Good choices there. :)

Bryony Ramsden said...

You lucky bugger! I'm vvv jealous :) I have a US source for yarns, and am loving Knit Picks stuff. The Andean Silk is worth a try some time (a bit like a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino copy, but in alpaca instead, so feels sturdier). All those yarns are just lovely.

Put a Sock in it said...

You've got yourself some lovely stuff there!

I'm a bit of a KP fan, myself. :) I agree with you that they could offer some livelier colours though. I liked the striped sock yarn they discontinued, and though I've noticed there's a new line they've started, most of the colourways don't grab me.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky!!! They looks truley gorgeous!!! Hope they give Australia a go too!

Daisy said...

Oooh wow, hope they do end up selling to the UK, looks like lovely stuff! My friend flew in from New York last weekend with my Options set - and they're totally fab!

RoxyKnits said...

Crumbs, you were lucky with customs. Its £32 for a gift and £18 for commercial.......guess how I found that out? Yup, a painful experience.

I must be the only person who isn't interested in their circs though, but I'm not a metal fan and only use circs when I need to.

I hope the trial is a success too though, it is unusual for a large company not to ship internationally these days.

Happy knitting with all your new stash ;)