Monday, July 02, 2007


Susoolu & I teach a children's knitting club at DD's school & she gamely volunteered us to do a stall at the school summer fair. The first date was canceled due to the weather but it finally took place on Friday afternoon after school:

Butterfly hairclips & badges

Butterfly hairclips & badges

I ended up selling nearly 70 of them for 50p each so hopefully that should swell the school coffers a bit. Most were bought to put onto school bags & DD thinks we've started a new trend!

More butterflies

Pattern from Kids Learn to Knit by Lucinda Guy
Yarn: All sorts from sock yarn to chunky.
Embellishments: Buttons from freecycle, felt from the school & brooch backs & barrettes from Helens Little Gems with faces courtesy of DH.

Susoolu, DH & I spent many late nights decorating these little beauties most of whom were created by DD. The other children also made some but DD had red hot needles & they were flying.....


Arianwen said...

They look fantastic! I love the evil looking ones. DD should be proud!

Daisy said...

What a fab idea for fundraising!
If you ever do anything similar do let me know as I (well, Mum) has an enormous stash of leftover buttons...

susoolu said...

Wait a minute - I suggested doing some for the school fair, you were the one who said we should have a stall (and all because your DD got slightly over-productive!).

Glad it all went well, and that the kids liked them.