Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Poor DH isn't feeling very well: something has bitten him on the leg & the Doctor has said he's in the early stages of blood poisoning:(

Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon....

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Laughingrat said...

Oh yikes, that's horrible! I hope those antibiotics work fast. Ugh!

How are you and your family? I hear the flooding in the UK is really bad, although I have a poor idea of where it's happening. Isn't it hitting the southern part of the country right now?

Arianwen said...

oh yuk! that looks painful, hope DH is feeling better soon and it doesnt blight her hols too much

blueadt said...

Thanks for your comments. He's in bed very ill at the moment & I'm going to make another appointment at the Dr's for this evening. If the tablets do start to work I can always cancel it.

LR: Our area had a lot of flooding at the end of June & I posted about it quite heavily.

I think his bites are attributed to the floods as apparently we've now got some supersized insects as a result of all the water. He's got the one you've seen on his calf, one on his forearm & another on his hand but the latter two aren't as old as the first & aren't as bad, yet.

He's got a really bad fever & isn't really 'with it' at the moment.

Put a Sock in it said...

Oh dear, that looks nasty. I do hope DH makes a speedy recovery.

Those flying blighters breed in standing water, so you all need to keep dousing yourselves with repellant.

Sending good vibes your way, and hoping your summer improves dramatically.

modelwidow said...

Best wishes to DH, that looks really nasty. That must have been one mean insect.