Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cheese on toast anyone?

My DD is away for a week - the first time she's been away that long since her birth nearly 10 years ago. I know that I should be appreciating the time she's away but I'm missing my DD like mad. She's away for a week with her cousins & is having a fantastic time.

I'm not.

I'm returning alone to an empty house, empty that is apart from two bouncy dogs. I work part time so I get home earlier than DH, part time as I look after DD but not this week.

For the last two days DH has rung to say - don't do any dinner for me as I've had a big lunch / I'm not very hungry, blah blah blah

What's the point cooking for one???

I certainly can't be bothered.

DD & I normally eat together as she needs to eat early with plenty of time clear before she swims. So she's around chatting (constantly) & watching TV whilst I'm cooking. Normally the noise drives me mad but I'd rather have that than an empty house & nobody to eat with.

The peace & quiet is definitely nice but I miss her. It's really weird having a quiet house - this is what it would have been like if we'd not had a child. There's a lot less washing, dirty pots & general mayhem.

You'd think that we'd have made the most of it & gone out at least once, especially as baby sitters are rather thin on the ground in this household.

We haven't.

It rained all weekend (no news there) & we couldn't agree on a film on Saturday night. Then we've both been at work & I've been swimming or washing the dogs the past few nights & we're both skint.

It's great not having to tell her to go to bed yet AGAIN & just do my own thing in the evening, but I'd rather have it all back than cheese on toast for one, again.


Becky said...

I totally agree - I am useless at cooking for one - when my DH is away I often end up with a sandwich or cheese on toast - it just doesn't seem worth is somehow does it - still you little one will be home soon to keep you company.

Happy cheese on toast !

Fred said...

I used to have that when I lived on my own as well. The way I got round it though was to cook a meal for two. Have one half the day I cooked and the other the next night. Also surprising when you lose a pet how empty the place seems. I remember when Sixpence.....

littlelixie said...

Is there a knitting group near you? Or late night opening of some exhibition you can get knitting inspiration from? Pooch and I have the same thing about cinema but sometimes it's nice to go on your own - you can make snorting laugh noises and no one's there to get embarrised!

Tracy said...

Left to my own devices, I pick and pick and pick. Hope you managed to get away anyway.