Saturday, August 20, 2005

Purple pics

My DD is back!!!

She missed us too had a bit of a cry & a cuddle when DH left us alone. She was with my MIL, SIL, BIL, their 3 children & my other niece & nephew who are siblings. So she was the only child without a sibling or parent with her which I think she found hard.

She did enjoy herself as they went to lots of good places including Lightwater Valley & Mother Shiptons Cave.

She's also knackered as the two cousins that she shared a room with both need the light on & she likes TOTAL darkness at night plus she was on a sofa bed. So she's had a bath & is in new PJ's ready for her favourite meal - lovingly being prepared by DH as I write!

I've made some progress on the Entrelac Shawl & have regained the panels that I had to frog plus more.

Entrelac Shawl in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Entrelac shawl

I'm now on the second row, only that row plus another six to finish before the top triangles. It's definately not a quick knit and I need the pattern with me but I'm enjoying it.

However I wanted a more mindless knit & found two 100g balls of Pattons 100% Cotton yesterday for £1 each! So Daisy was cast on yesterday as I didn't want to add to my stash

Daisy in Patons 100% Cotton
Daisy in Patons 100% Cotton

I like doing moss stitch (seed stitch to US knitters) in cotton as the stitch defination really stands out. It's knitted in once piece until you reach the arm holes so will mean less sewing up - Yay!!!

I've found another pattern which I want to do after the Alphabet Blanket in silvery grey Wool Cotton

Satin-edged blanket
Satin-edged blanket

It's in baby bloom by Erika Knight & will be beautiful in purple Cashmerino superchunky edged with a deep purple satin ribbon.

DD bought me a present whilst she was away which is now hanging up in the kitchen window - isn't it beautiful!


The last purple photo only has a little bit of purple but is gorgeous so qualifies:

Badge from Little Lixie
Badge from Little Lixie

It's a knitting badge from Little Lixie being modeled by DD - she's coverting it! Thanks Lixie.

Tracy hoped that we'd managed to get away - we didn't. The weather forecast had promised lously weather with loads of rain. We've been away 5 times in the caravan this year & each & every time it has rained. No not just rain, torrential rain, gales, falling trees & mini rivers through the awning. so we chickened out & stayed at home. Sods law that apart from one overnight occurance we haven't seen any rain!


Donna said...

So glad to see DD back home with you! And the wind chime mobile is lovely :)

Becky said...

Not quite sure what that bizarre comment above mine is !

I love all your purple bits - you are so brave doing that entrelac shawl - it looks so comlicated and your DD has fabulous taste, that mobile if wonderful. I'm glad she's back home with you and I'm sure you'll be having lots of lovely random cuddles this week - oh I love those, they are the best.

Have a nice week.

Amelia said...

Please can you teach me how not to buy yarn and how to use stash instead?? I need lessons. I love the colour of the Patons yarn. And as for the blanket, well in Cashmerino superchunky, it will be gorgeous. Finally, if you are going to do the Alphabet blanket, there are corrections on the Debbie Bliss website.