Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Swimming progress

I learnt to swim when I was 9 & have always been a breaststroker. I can swim for an hour or so in breaststroke & backstroke but never front crawl (don't even go to butterfly). Because DD is such a good swimmer she now THRASHES me & I am determined that I will learn front crawl for my own self esteem & standing in our household.

I bought the floats a couple of weeks ago & have been worked hard ever since. I know the theory as I watched DD being coached for 2 years but couldn't put it into practice. So I've been doing lots of kick using a kickboard, pull using a pullbuoy & tonight for the first time put the two drills together.

I swam 12 lengths of Front crawl for the first time in my life!

I'm really chuffed with myself & intend to get stronger & faster. I'll probably never have the style that DD has but at least I won't be so embarrassed if we go swimming together - it's a weird mix of pride & shame when you're beaten so profoundly by your 9 year old daughter!

To make this knitting related I've been receiving parcels!!!

A HUGE parcel from my Secret Pal, a package of goodies from Laughing Hens for my Knitting Group & am expecting another parcel from from Tess at Angel Yarns also for the group. DH will be taking photos tomorrow night but I'll be posting about each parcel separately to do them justice.


Bethany said...

Just checking in... glad to see you're up & running again with the Entrelac Shawl... it gets me in the mood to do another one!

Andrea said...

Well done on the swimming. Can't wait to see all your goodies.

Becky said...

Well done on the swimming front - you're making good progress.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes on my blog - we did indeed have a fab day - London Zoo is great - if a little expensive - still it was worth it just to see those penguins !

the stripey tiger said...

When you get back from your holiday - Please tell us more about your knitting group. I go to two one is knitting and one is spinning. I discovered them about 12 months ago and they are one of the most energising and inspring things I've ever done! (PS I'm sure you are my Secret Pal Did I get it right??)