Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lazy Sunday

We're having a lazy peaceful & quiet day. The house is so quiet without DD here - this is what it would be like if we didn't have children! I love her to bits but am really enjoying the peace. I woke up this morning & lay in bed just listening to - nothing apart from DH breathing next to me. So far I've tidied our bedroom & cleaned the bathroom. Next a quick tidy up downstairs & then I'm sitting down for the rest of the day with the Entrelac Shawl.

I sent an email to Monkey World this morning offering them the photos in the post below if they were good enough and received this reply:

"Great photos! We would love to be able to use them for the park -
educational material, adoption photos, post cards, etc."

So DH's photos are going to help raise money to aid these beautiful primates which is fantastic! If any of you are ever in that part of the world make sure you pay a visit as it's a wonderful place & such a great cause.

On the knitting front I finally frogged the Entrelac Shawl last night back to the beginning of the cabling & am starting again. To ensure that I don't gain any extra rows, I've separated the stitches to be picked up by markers every two to ensure that I get 11 cables using two stitches each. Previously I had 1 section with 12 cables, 1 with 11 1/2 & 1 perfect 11. The perfect set was annoying in the middle of the other two so had to be frogged.

The French Market bag has been felted & is currently blocking stuffed full of towels. I had been a bit worried as it was HUGE prior to felting. It has felted wonderfully & I can't wait to use it. No photos yet as I need to get it lined. The friend who is a whizz with a sewing machine is away for a week so it'll be a bit delayed. I'm debating whether or not to insert some plastic mesh into the base to give it a bit of stability & shape - what has everybody else done? Please let me know via the comments.

Finally a photo of a mug I bought last week which just had to come home with me:

Big Dog
Big Dog

Blue is known as Big Dog as she's half an inch taller than Annie & is the alpha bitch. So from that Annie is known as Little Dog:

Little Dog
Little Dog


Daisy said...

Love those mugs!!

Bethany said...

Those pictures of Monkey World are great-- and so neat that they may use them in some materials. I'm looking forward to seeing the Entrelac Shawl again!
So what does it mean that you tagged me? What do I do???

blueadt said...

Hi Bethany

You need to put your 5 idiosyncrasies in a post on your blog & then tag 5 others who haven't already been tagged so that they can do the same.

The Entrelac shawl is back on track but not ready for photos yet.

Have fun