Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mass update - long post

It's raining hard here today - it's hard to believe that it's the middle of August. We've planned to go away again for 4 nights at the end of next week but I can't face another wet caravan holiday so it's totally weather dependent. On every single trip we've had this year it has rained heavily but that's a danger of going on holiday in England I suppose. I just wish that we could go away & have sunshine, rather than wet weather & soggy awnings.

I forgot to mention in my last post that the rain was so heavy one night,that a corner of the awning collapsed early one morning with a very loud crash - the rain had collected on the roof & brought it down. I also found a toad underneath the ground sheet when I packed everything away - toads love wet weather - I don't.

DD has gone away without us for a week - the longest time we've ever been apart. The house seems SO quiet & she's only been gone a couple of hours - it's amazing how much noise one small person can make. We're both looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to peace & quiet. She can never sleep in & come downstairs & puts the TV on LOUD (normally leaving the door open so we can hear every word). She's gone my with MIL, SIL, BIL & 5 cousins to Harrogate. I'm sure she'll have a fantastic time but not much sleep. If the weather improves & we do go away she'll be dropped off to our campsite on Saturday afternoon & will have another 2 days away.

Knitting group was great fun last night - 9 people in all but a floating 9 as 3 new people came. If everyone came on the same night I'd have over 20. Lots of different projects from blankets, baby Cabled coat, crocheted hat & I finished my left over Chunky project. Photos will be posted soon.

Fred asked re the Entrelac Shawl in my comments. I'm afraid that I haven't touched it at all. Partly because I'm annoyed I've got to frog the cables that I've done & also because I wanted to finish the French Market bag. I've decided that I am a one main project person - I had to complete 1 before I can carry on with the other. That however DOESN'T extend to sewing up as the awful cardigan is still partly sewn up. It's still too big so I've got a bit of time to look at it before I finally give in. Or maybe I should just do it anyway to get rid of it. I hate sewing up!

I have finally found a solution to my lack of exercise - I'm over weight & hate it. Two years ago I was happily going to a private gym, taking DD with me for the kids club thus gaining some freedom to go the gym & then a quick 20 lengths in the pool. But then she started swimming competitively & my exercise stopped as she swims so frequently. She's moving up to a new squad in September & the sessions are either 1 1/2 or 2 hours long so I've said that she can only do 3 sessions a week for the first few months as I don't want her to get burnt out. The sessions are also on different nights & mean that I can join the adults swimming club!!! I went on Wednesday for the first time & loved it. I'm determined to learn front crawl as I actually avoid swimming with DD now as she totally thrashes me & loves doing so. I'm strong on breast stroke but she's a hell of a lot faster. My front crawl technique was ok (too many hours sat watching DD being taught) but I couldn't get the breathing right - I kept swallowing mouthfuls of water & spluttering. So I've ordered a pullbuoy, a kickboard, goggles & a cap & intend to sort it out. I'm going to use the floats & break the stroke down & master bits at a time, breathing first. I want to lose weight & get fit & feel that swimming is a good start. I also love it so will keep it up - I hate aerobics or step classes - can't think of anything worse! I lost loads of weight when DD was young dieting & going to circuit training 3 times a week as as I get fitter I may start that again. DD is keen to come with me if she's not too young but surprisingly DH isn't keen!

I've been tagged so must get on & write my answers - coming soon.....

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