Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some progress

Last night I was lying in the bath trying to work out what had changed since Vince last took food on Tuesday & remembered that DH fiddled with the kickboard under the bathroom cupboards & side panel of the bath on Tuesday evening looking for her.

So last night we left a gap in the kickboard & a piece of basil & a nut out in the hall - the trap was still set up as normal & the bathroom door was open. Both herb & nut disappeared. This morning when I looked into the space behind the kickboard I spotted a small piece of paper hamster bedding!!!

The bad news is that we may never get her out. DH built a false wall to house the plumbing & the valves for the shower & bath are sunken into this. The wall cavity is filled with glass fibre which is prehaps why she hadn't taken much or any bedding as she is very comfortable & warm. In addition to the plumbing part of this wall is now tiled & also holds the glass shower screen so it can't be taken apart.

I'm going out later & will leave food in both the bathroom & hall with the bathroom door closed. I'm hoping that the bathroom food will be gone thus proving that she's in there & am also going to try & buy a humane trap whilst I'm out.

Whilst we're away my MIL will be coming over to feed the cats so she'll also be on bathroom patrol, rebaiting the trap & hopefully freeing Vince back into her cage.


susoolu said...

Plumbing equals nice warm toasty pipes! And Vince is having such an adventure, on her own little Easter holiday. I'm sure she will come back soon.

the stripey tiger said...

Oh what a disaster!! How sad and frustrating for you all. Every time I think 'maybe we will get one of those for a pet' I hear a story that makes me think again.... Maybe not!!lol

Woolly Wormhead said...

Come back Vince! Am sure they'll be tall tales of inside walls and plumbing adventures.

Zoƫ said...

Ah, poor little Vince! Here's hoping she comes back soon! Pesky little hamster.