Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A little girl in Canada is now wearing her Boat Neck Sweater last seen here. Mum was delighted as the colours match those of her favourite Hockey Team.

Baby in Boat Neck Sweater
Baby in Boat Neck Sweater

She cut her first two teeth this week but by the time I meet her she'll be walking & mostly probably talking. Yes we're going to Canada!

Lots of hard work in the blueadt house has recently meant that a large longstanding debt has been cleared so we're now saving for a decent overseas holiday. I have yearned to visit Canada since I was a young child & now it's finally happening! I won't go on about it for the next year as that would be boring but we're all really excited. So nearer the time I'd love some tips on decent LYS's to visit - by then I should be allowed some time off for good behaviour on Stashalong


Alison said...

Enjoy Canada! The sweater is just too cute for words. By the way, I'm putting Nero in a jiffy bag for you to perform your clipping wonders! Watch for postie LOL!

Nic said...

Jealous? Me? I want to go to Canada and everyone seems to be going there or planning to go there at the moment. Have a great time!!
The jumper looks great

blueadt said...

Alison - but will he bit the postman?

Nic - that's how I felt. Everybody else was going & not me. So we've sacrificed a new bed & decided to go for it.