Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stashalong - here I come......

I've mentioned previously that I have a lot of yarn - far too much in DH's opinion. We have a small house & the yarn used to be stashed all over the house, loft etc but now fits into 6 big boxes:

my stash
my stash

There is a box ontop which contains yarn that I got in a swap with Fred which I need to somehow manage to squeeze in - hamster for scale.

I've already got rid of a lot & gave away half a binliner recently at the knitting group that I run in a 'Stash Swap'. The rules were that you couldn't take if you didn't put in. I was really 'good' & didn't bring anything home, my DH didn't believe me at first. The few bits that were left over were taken to a charity shop by another knitter so I didn't feel tempted to adopt them.

I'm signing up for 3 months with a few days off:

April 23rd - it's my birthday & I might get some yarn as pressies - here hoping!

April 29th/30th - am doing the Parent & Child course at Rowan with DD & will look in the bargain bins.

May - we're going to the Derbyshire Dales for a week & I know of two LYS's that stock Debbie Bliss, Rowan & Noro that I can't buy locally. However I'll be good & only buy stuff that would help me use up my stash like the odd ball of Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino to compliment the colours I already have.

I plan to knit some socks, finish some WIP's (now out of date as some items have been finished), baby knits and will still buy needles & books if needed but not much yarn at all.


RoxyKnits said...

You're stash isn't bad at all. I'm sure you could squeeze some more in those boxes ;)

Say hello to Jackie when you go to the parent & child workshop (which is on my birthday!). She lives a few minutes away from me. If you've not met her before she'll be with her only daughter Angharad - out of 8 children....

colin said...

Your stash looks very neat and not so great. Aren't you good joining the stashalong. i just couldn't.
April 23rd was my Mother's birthday.

Kim said...

Your stash can never be too big! :-) How about some pictures of those beautiful puppies???

blueadt said...

Kim - they're coming later. Today is grooming day as they look like Shaggy Beasts!

Steph said...

Very organised - well done you! Buying more yarn is just sooo hard to resist - good luck. :-)