Friday, April 28, 2006

Knitting weekend

Thanks for all the comments & emails. I'm still very sore & now the pain is in my neck & shoulders. I managed an hour & a half at work this morning before giving up & coming home. The thing that seems to hurt me the most is driving which is bad news as DD & I are driving over to West Yorkshire this evening. We're doing the Parent & Child Rowan Workshop & are both very excited but I just wish I wasn't in so much pain.

I've managed to do a little bit of knitting but not a lot. I'm hoping that another good nights sleep (as well as can be expected when sharing a bed with a child who is all legs & elbows) will ease the pain a bit.

Whilst we're away please pop over & say hi to Piglottie & welcome her to the blogging world!


Andrea said...

Have a good weekend. Sorry i haven't sent your BP yet. Could you email me at some point as i have my computer back now but have lost everyones email address.

Daisy said...

Hope the weekend goes well. The workshop sounds fab so I hope you manage to get there OK and that you both enjoy it!

Piglottie said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I've had some lovely comments!