Friday, April 21, 2006

Thanks Stripey

I had the great pleasure of spoiling The Stripey Tiger in Secret Pal 5 last year. We hit it off & have kept in touch since the exchange finished. Recently I have continued to spoil her by sending a ball of Opal Rainforest Tiger & the Tiger Cubs as she is expecting her third baby next month.

Who could resist with a name like The Stripey Tiger? She just had to have her own Tiger yarn & the baby some tiger socks.

Anyway - the tables have turned!

On Wednesday this arrived:

Present from The Stripey Tiger
Present from The Stripey Tiger

I was really good & didn't open it until DH came home as I wanted the photo above as the paper was so pretty. It contained these:

Stuff Sack
Stuff Sack

Handmade by her own fair hand this is the best present ever! It's already been used at the Art Gallery & at the swimming pool whilst DD was training last night. I can see this being used ALL the time for socks, sleeves & other small items. There is also something else about this that I can't share now - will do soon after Sunday.

Kaalund Expressions
Kaalund Expressions - Wisteria

This yarn is really beautiful - blues & greens with a purple thread through it. My first thoughts were Branching Out. Can anybody suggest any other patterns?

Point Protectors
Point Protectors

Always useful!

Sheep notepad
Sheep notepad

Really cute & I'll have to hang on to this one!

Thanks very much Stripey & I'm sure if you do start selling the Stuff Sacks they'll be VERY popular! Cheers!!!


Daisy said...

Cool stuff! Branching Out would look lovely in that Kaalund yarn

Alison said...

You lucky thing! Branching out wpould be perfect I think. It's a pattern on my "to do" list!

Fred said...

I can really see both of them working well together. As for the wrapping paper I can't believe it is wrapping paper it looks that good!