Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hello again

I'm back on line but things aren't sorted fully yet. The storm killed the modem, hub & parts of our digital recording system (all built by DH & very complicated but very useful). Insurance will pay for the bits but as DH threw away the broken bits (having never claimed on the insurance he didn't know the procedure) he first needs to send them manuals etc etc to prove that we've had the bits in the first place. So in the mean time he's borrowed a modem & hub from work & we're back online for now. But no recording of TV programs

'In Stitches' met again last night & we had 16 knitters & crocheters there - our highest number yet! Normally I get 9 - a floating 9 as there are normally at least 3 new faces each month. If we get a similiar number next month we can have the much larger room in the cafe which has two bigger comfy sofas & normal customers will have the smaller back room.

We've planned our contribution to National Knitting Week & we're all going to be knitting or crocheting 8" squares in various shades of blue. The squares will then (eventually) be sewn up into a blanket or blankets & the money raised will go towards Help the Aged. So tonight I'll be raiding my stash for machine washable blue yarns....

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Fred said...

Glad to see you're up and running albeit in a more limited form. Friend in Milton Keynes has had a couple of powercuts hereself due to the storms.