Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello Secret Pal & meet Susoolu

I've been assigned a pal & have heard from the pal sending to me - it's so exciting.

No info on whom I'm sending to but the pal sending to me is also in the UK. I've got NO idea who you are but I look forward to 'speaking' with you.

I'll be searching for things for my receipent but that's half the fun isn't it. I'm sure I'll find loads of things to go on to 'must have' list but first I must finish some items - the 'nearly there' list is growing too long.

Whilst you're waiting please visit my friend Susoolu she's new to blogging but definately not to knitting.

No more news until I have at least one FO.


susoolu said...

You are always so sweet. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Yes I really need an influx of finished projects instead of continually starting new ones!!! OK off to visit susoolu's (lovely name BTW) blog.