Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita

I'm interupting my self imposed no blogging status as I'd like you all to send zen/pray for a good friend of mine. Julie, husband Ivy & son Russell are at home in Houston, Texas riding it out.

I first 'met' Julie in 2000 via Ebay - we both have Airedales and when we first 'met' both had an ADT (AireDale Terrier) puppy called Blue - mine a bitch & hers a dog. Since then we've both got a second ADT - a condition often referred to as MAS (Mass Airedale Syndrome). Julie & family had planned to evacuate & she emailed me on September 22nd saying:

"Just have a minute. We are getting ready to leave town. I am taking the dogs to a city near Austin. Several Houston dales will be there :)

This is a scary one. I have lived through hurricanes all my life, but this is the worst, by far.

Will let you know when we return."

On one of the ADT yahoo lists that I'm on I enquired if anybody had heard from Julie. I've heard that they left it too late to leave & are riding it out at home. I know this as they didn't get their dogs to the kennels as planned.

PLEASE keep Julie & her family in your thoughts.

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Andrea said...

Hope your friends and anybody else still in the area all keep safe.