Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Which do you want first - the good or the bad news???

I'll give you the good, bad & then finish on some knitting - how's that?

Ok first off - a fellow Airedaler has managed to speak to Julie's husband & they're all ok in Houston. They're not in the phone book but luckily I knew where he works so she was able to contact him at there.

Bad news - DD is being bullied again at school. I had to move her to a new school in January as she had been bullied for 2 and half years at her old school & the teaching staff seemed incapable of stopping it. However I have a lot more confidence in her new school & am meeting her class teacher on Thursday to discuss the situation. Again it's because she's in the top sets for maths & literacy & outswam all the other kids when they had swimming lessons before the summer holidays. Hopefully it can be nipped in the bud before the behavour becomes intrenched like it did previously. This could be why she was so sensitive & upset yesterday about the Mum situation.

Knitting - I've just come in from my meeting with the local(ist) group of the Knitting & Crochet Guild & tonight we did Fair Isle. My sample was knitted in the most beautiful Dale of Norway yarn & I fell it love with it. [Photo to be posted soon]

Pity it's not available to buy in the UK but then I really don't need any more yarn


Donna said...

I hope the school can sort out the bullying for you! It all came up again for us too, about a fortnight ago, but this time Emily and a few others all got together and went and saw the advixor for their year. I got a phone call from the school explaining what had happened, and what they planned to do about it. The two main culprits were dragged into the office, their parents were called, I sent in the msn logs, Em showed them the messages on their mobile phone, and it all looks like it's sorted out now. The teachers know these girls for the brats that they are, and they're being closely monitored. We're on school holidays now, but last Friday was parent/teacher interviews, and I spoke to the year advisor, and she brought me up to date. Em is happy with the way it's been worked out, too.
Hang in there, we'll be thnking of you!

susoolu said...

(blogger ate my comment 1st time around! I'll try again.)
Sorry to hear about school traumas, fingers crossed for getting it sorted.

However, referring back to earlier posts, are we going to have to carry out an intervention to make you finish that 'awful cardigan'? Or threaten you with removal of knitting goodies until it is done? Be brave, and finish the evil thing!

Becky said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear that your DD is being bullied again - children can be just so horrible to one another can't they - it's a wonder we survived it really. I hope it does get nipped in the bud and sorted out as soon as possible and that she can start to get back on a level footing. I'll be thinking of you.

I agree with the comments of the last blogger - get that dasterdly cardie finished - it is still going to fit ?