Thursday, September 01, 2005

Storm damage

We had a very wild & noisy storm here last night with LOTS of thunder & lightning. At one point the house was hit & it's blown the modem, hub & network cards so we're internet less at the moment

I've got so much to show as well from progress on the Entrelac Shawl, photos of the goodies from my Secret Pal & a pile of goodies from Laughing Hens but you'll all have to wait I'm afraid.

'See you' soon


Daisy said...

Hope nothing else was damaged by the storm. It got as far down as Lincoln too, but I don't think anything was hit (but did you see the pics of it on the local news on Thursday?)

Fred said...

We had it in our part of the world as well. I hope you get it all sorted soon as missing reading you online.

Fred :)

littlelixie said...

Hope you're recovered now.