Wednesday, April 27, 2005

DD is recovering & cooking

After a nightmare of a day yesterday my DD is finally feeling better. She managed to get through the night without vomiting. She had a dry toasted bagel for breakfast & kept it down with her medicine. After sleeping mid morning she's been on the sofa ever since. She had a few breadsticks for lunch & is now fed up at the sight of them. The doctor mentioned yesterday that she could have ice pops so I've been struggling to restrict her to a couple - with a few hours in between just in case her tummy couldn't handle them.

She's watched Lilo & Stitch, The Borrowers & is now watching kids TV.

I'm making some Armenian Soup from The Cranks Recipe Book. My copy was a 21st present from my best friend at the time & is now falling to pieces.

My SIL popped in the morning to see how DD was feeling & also brought my birthday present! It's looks fantastic & I can't wait to start using it. As DD has been sick I wanted to make a soup that she knows & likes but wait until she's better!

Now that she's getting better we can go away for the weekend. We'd planned to take the caravan to Scarborough for the bank holiday weekend but as she was sick had put it on hold. We're going with friends who have 3 kids so DD will have a great time. I intend to get LOADS of knitting done.

I managed a few rows on the baby blanket last night. I spent the whole day taking care of DD, washing, cleaning etc etc etc. Today I've had a bit of washing but have found time to sit down for about an hour. I am so tempted to abandon the blanket & start the Fay scarf in Delight & Very Berry but am so close to finishing it that I can't. I hoping to finish the blanket tonight as DH is going out.

The dogs have really enjoyed DD being sick as they get to come in & out the house all day. Normally they're shut up in the house whilst I'm at work (part time) & then one of them walks with me to collect DD from school. If I take them together they get too excited. If one is getting a cuddle from a child & the other one pushes in & could knock the child over so it's one at a time.

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