Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Very sick child

I've just taken DD to the doctors & she has Viral Gastroenteritis. She managed to eat a plain breadstick in order that she could have some Ibuprofen but then brought it back up again. She's very weak, is burning up, vomiting & has diarrhoea. Poor baby.

I've kept her in bed all morning but she's been a bit bored so I've read to her in between her sleeping. She needs to sleep & keep her fluids up.

The dogs were screaming this morning whilst DD was asleep so I raced downstairs to discover one of our neighbourhood cats Indie sat up on the brick pillar close to the back door - watching & taunting them. They were going ballistic. I got him off the pillar by pushing him gently with a garden cane - he thought I was playing & patted it. I had to shut the dogs up as DD needs to rest & Indie winds them up. They're outside currently gnawing on their marrow bones - very happy doggies.


Becky said...

Hi there - I'm sorry to hear that your DD is so sick - I really hope she gets better soon, it's such a worry when they are a shadow of themselves.

I wanted to ask what the Addi Weave needles are for ? I've never heard of them and was just wondering.

I'm new to blogging too and I'm still learning, so welcome to blogland !

blueadt said...

Hi Becky

Thanks for the kind words about my DD - I'm really worried about her. It's amazing how much cleaning & tiding you can get done whilst at home. I've have been catching up on loads of stuff whilst she's asleep.

Weave needles enable you to use 3 yarns as you weave with 2 whilst knitting with 1. I haven't used them yet due to events at home. There is a yahoo group set up around them http://groups.yahoo.com/group/addiweaveneedle

What's your blog called?