Friday, April 22, 2005

Secret Project et al

Tonight I started the final touches to a secret project which will be revealed soon. A new knitting friend who I met for the first time @ 'In Stitches' helped with the final stage & I spent the evening @ her house tonight & learnt loads.

Whilst watching her confidently do something I'm too scared to even try at the moment I knitted half a Bratz doll poncho in a fab patterned chunky that I picked up today.

I spent the afternoon distributing 'In Stitches' leaflets to Yarn shops in the City & of course couldn't come away empty handed. Luckily for my stash I only bought some ball ends for 25p each in great colours for the ponchos. I'm going to knit a heap of them & use them as presents for DD's friends - as long as they're into Bratz of course. DD to be expected isn't into dolls AT ALL. Harry Potter is more her scene, swimming (of course) & speedway (No Breaks, No Gears, No Fear motor bike racing) - not your normal girly interests.

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