Thursday, April 21, 2005

Trouble with my DD

I've got trouble with my DD @ the moment. She's currently having swimming lessons with school & is BORED. She swims for our local swimming club & isn't the best swimmer in her squad but for a 9 year old she's fanastic.

She's in the top group with school doing widths & last Friday with school they managed 7 x 5m widths. She also got told off last week for doing racing starts. Tonight warming up they did 60 x 20m lengths at the beginning of an hour & a half long Club training session

I got a call from the Deputy Head of her school yesterday. She explained that DD had to do the swimming lessons as it's part of the curriculum etc etc. Apparently the coach has complained about her attitude - she's stroppy & bored!

I've told DD that I don't blame her but that I can't do anything about it. She has to put up with it, smile, be nice to the coach & be grateful that she's had the opportunity to learn how to swim properly. I mentioned to her Club coach tonight that she had threatened to 'Accidently on purpose leave her costume at home' & he roared his head off.

She's got another 8 sessions with school & in her opinion it's a waste of time getting wet :-)

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