Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fantastic weekend

We went to Bradford yesterday to visit the The Colour Museum. It was really good & both DH & I enjoyed it.

He drove so I knitted Bratz ponchos there & back. It's great finishing things so quickly.

We went out in the evening with 8 friends to a vegetarian resturant & stuffed our faces. It's all you can eat & I chose the theme to be Italian with Mexican. We all got very drunk & DH had arranged for a huge chocolate cake to be brought to the table complete with candles & sparklers. We've already dug into it so no photos I'm afraid. DD will be getting some in her packed lunch tomorrow & I'm going to attempt to freeze it in slices.

DH got me some Addi Weave needles

Addi Weave needles
Addi Weave needles

DD got me some beautiful stitch markers

Pearl stitch markers
Pearl stitch markers

Both were purchased from Angel Yarns

Tess Dawson who runs Angel Yarns also sent me a couple of pressies. DH took some photos but he isn't happy with them so click here and check out the Clover Yarn Cutter Ring & Inox Knitters Kit - Thanks Tess.

This is my favourite card & DH is going to adapt it into a logo.

blue dog card
blue dog card

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Come and show off your Bratz things sometime if you like :)

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