Thursday, April 21, 2005

Why blueadt?

I've often been asked why I use blueadt as a username for general webby stuff so I thought I'd explain early on. I have two rescued Airedale Terrier bitches called Blue & Annie. Blue is so named as my DD was 4 years old when we got her & loved the TV programme Blue's Clues so the pup became Blue. Annie joined us a year later & my DD wanted to call her Magenta (Blue's best friend on the show) but I refused. I knew that I couldn't call the name when recalling her - I shuddered at the thought. I've always like the name Annie as in Orphan Annie so we now had Blue & Annie.

AireDale Terrier is often shortened to ADT so blueadt was born. I did it initally to reduce spam to a popular web based email system but now use it for everything.

Blue & Annie
Blue & Annie

Here they were modelling two scarves that I knitted last year (LtoR Blue wearing Wendy Shimmer in Lagoon & Annie wearing my DD's Sirdar Fizz boa in Bronze) for a competion about 'Pets in Knitted things'. They didn't win but it was fun taking the photos.

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