Saturday, June 18, 2005

Domestic goddess? - I think not

DD's school held a summer fair today but she was already entered for a swimming gala. The school asked for parents to held man stalls etc. I didn't offer anything for obvious reasons but when another letter was sent out saying that the fair might not go ahead due to a lack of parental support I offered to bake some cakes.

I was really busy yesterday so didn't start until very late.

lots of cakes

First to be finished was the

Crunchy Top Lemon cake
Crunchy Top Lemon cake

followed by the

Iced Orange sponge
Iced Orange sponge

Then a wait whilst the chocolate cake cooled before it could be iced.

Death by Chocolate
Death by Chocolate

Whilst it was cooling I threw together some chocolate cornflake buns with a bit of peppermint essence & named them

After Eight Clusters
After Eight Clusters

DD was gutted that she couldn't have any chocolate cake but I did save her two clusters.

But don't get the wrong idea & presume that I'm some sort of Domestic Goddess - not at all. Our house is in the process of being extended by DH (since July 04) & things are all over the place. I do my best but sometimes it's so depressing that I don't have the inclination to clean it up.

DD did really well in her gala this afternoon & came home with 3 medals - 2x 4th & 1x 6th. She'd never swum 200m backstroke before & came 4th in her age group. There were 6 girls in her age group that swum it but 2 were disqualified so she did really well (it's REALLY easy to get disqualified in competitive swimming). She also beat a girl who wins everything, in the 100m breaststoke, by a full 2 seconds. So she got to chose dinner tonight - Take Away pizza with
a cheese stuffed crust, garlic bread & chips.

Last week I mentioned that DD racing up to the loo fell on the bare stairs & hurt her legs - look at the state of them 6 days later.

DD's bruised legs
My DD's bruised legs

She's insisted on wearing a short skirt all week to school as it's warm - I'm worried people are going to think that we've beaten her up. DH has been calling her the Zebra


Anonymous said...

Poor DD!
And your baking looks delicious! I am a really really crappy cook. I decided we had too many bananas the other day, so I baked a banana cake. It would even have been good if I hadn't been too impatient to turn it out of the pan, but it broke. Still tasted alright, but I always manage to get something wrong.

Random Knits

Anonymous said...

Yum, those cakes looking scummy. Wish I had been there - I would have bought the lot.