Thursday, June 09, 2005


I added loads of new photos to the gallery a few days ago so please feel free to check it out. I'm still waiting for a photo of the baby blanket that I did for my nextdoor neighbours baby - I should have taken one before I gave it to them.

I'd also put loads to my last post under the links. We had so many that I didn't want to crowd the post so check them out. My favourites are of the dogs playing on the beach from 'gallops' to 'chilled'.

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scarletprincess said...

Hi there
I too spend far too much time on the PC and don't watch a great deal of TV... apart from CSI! I think it's great that you have your own blog- I too am becoming obsessed in reading them and have the itch to create my own! Thanks for the inspiration and your photos are FAB!!!