Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update on a busy week

I've been so busy & have done so much in the last week that I'm not sure where to start so I'll do it in order of events.

It was our 10th wedding anniversary last week so we went out for an Italian meal. It was fantastic & we intend to go back there again.

On Friday 'In Stitches' met again & what a meeting. There were 10 of us for the first time & that included 3 new members. If we all got together the room would be really crowded. The room was buzzing & everyone enjoyed themselves but I never get much knitting done

I had the weekend to myself which was a treat as DH & DD went to Cardiff for the Speedway Grand Prix. I went out for the day & met up with two knitting friends. We had a great time & went to a great restaurant where we stayed over 4 hours. I don't know if knitting has been discussed such depth in a curry house before or tips & problems shared with yarn & needles flashing but we had fun.

Yesterday another knitting friend came round & we discussed patterns & yarn. The dogs & Monet (cat yet to be introduced) thought that she was fantastic. The house seemed so quiet & peaceful - which was shattered when they came home. DD rushed in dying for the toilet, slipped on the bare stairs (the carpet is up due to the house building) & smashed her shins - the shreeks seems so loud compared to the rest of the day. I calmed her down & then sat applying witch hazel to the brusied legs - back to normal.

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Emily said...

I don't seem to be able to reply to you messages, so I'm posting it here. As for the html thing, there were 2 sizes (width), one for the main part and one for the side bar. I just changed the width for the main part by a tiny bit and that was it! thanks again for your help! I'll be trying some more stuff the coming weeks to get it even better.