Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back home

Just a quick post before I go to bed. We're back & are all knackered. We had a good time but a really mixed bag weatherwise. From gales so strong on Saturday that some trees came down to extremely heavy rain - so heavy that we had a river running through our awning! I jest not. We were pitched behind a windbreak of trees which was great when it was blowing a gale but for some reason the water ran off the trees & went straight through our awning. DH & I discovered last night that if we stood in the awning the water went over our toes!

It was last night that I realised the benefits of not owning a dog! - no need to go out in awful weather getting wet. I couldn't see where I was going & I can't use a torch as DH in his infinite wisdom taught Blue to chase light beams when she was a puppy so torches send her absolutely scatty. Annie took ages to pee as she couldn't find the right spot as everything was too soggy.

I'll post re our travels & my knitting & yarn purchases soon when I've sorted out photos etc.

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