Sunday, June 19, 2005


I've spent the WHOLE day cleaning, washing, ironing (big gasp) & even bigger gasp - put it ALL away. Normally clean washing sits in a basket for at least 2 days just for the fun of it & for DH to trip over on his way to bed.

Now I'm sitting on my butt & am about to tackle the awful cardigan that I'm knitting - I've had enough of the pattern - it's full of mistakes & is so frustrating. I should have finished it weeks ago but have spent too long ripping it out & redoing it again & again. I will finish it before I start something new as otherwise the intended recipicant will be a grandfather before he receives it.

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Andrea said...

Persevere - I'm sure the recipient will be grateful for it and it is such a cute little cardigan.

At least you got all the housework done - that's the horrible job I've been kept busy with today - nearly finished but have still got it all to put away!!!