Friday, June 17, 2005

Yardage nightmares

I bought 500g of Rowan Cork in BRIGHT orange in the January sales for £9 instead of £49.50 - a real bargain but I hate orange. However two of my friends really love it & so does another friends' 1 year old son. Before I started scarves for the first two friends (see Gift Stash 2005 - Fay 1 & 2), I searched for a pattern for the little boy.

I couldn't find anything small enough so resigned myself to using it all for scarves. Until last Friday night. I was searching through all my magazines for aran patterns & remembered that I had last Summers Woman's Weekly Knitting & Stitching Special. It has a great pattern for toddler aran cabled hoddies. When I dug it out I discovered that the yarn was Cork not aran as I'd remembered it. I'm 29g short for the 18 - 24 mths size which is a really bummer. But I'm going to go for it & use a different yarn to sew it up with. If necessary I can unpick one of the Fay scarves & steal a bit but I'd rather not.

Second annoying thing - I've got 490g of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in a lovely dark bluey purple which I'd put aside for DD. I'd planned to knit Cameron from A Season's Tale. It requires 500g of Rowan Spun Aran in version 4 which is what I want to make for DD size 10/11 which has a yardage of 1095 yds. My 490g of DB Merion Aran has a yardage of 744.8 yds - I feel like crying. The colour would look fantastic on her but it's such a shortfall that I don't want to risk it. I've just contacted the place where I got it from in the vain hope that they've got any left but it's a slim chance.

Any ideas or suggestions of alternative patterns anyone? DD is 10 in October but is tall for a 9 year old & towers over most of her friends hence choosing the 10/11 size.


Emily said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the link to the website. The books aren't on it though, to bad. But they do have some nice affordable rovings which I like so I'll just bookmark her website!

And if I order US books at that bookstore they don't charge extra either and they are quite quick! :D


blueadt said...

Hi Emily

I'm posting this on both blogs so that you see it.

Margie has a LOT of stock that's not on her website. Send her an email & she'll get back to you with a list if you ask. I can totally recommend her & she's got books that I'd never seen before!

Amelia said...

Have you thought about putting some stripes in there? Having looked at the pattern, I am not sure that it would work but it might be worth thinking about. Or cuffs and collars in another colour?