Saturday, May 06, 2006

Anger Management

After reading this post yesterday I couldn't believe what happened to me this morning.

Every Saturday morning I go to a village 10 minutes away (I live on the very outskirts of the city) & do the shopping; collect the dog meat from the butchers, go to the farm shop to buy our fruit & veg & any other bits that we need. I make a point of trying not to buy everything from the large supermarket which is so very close to my office as I believe in supporting local businesses rather than the 'fat cats'.

Anyway I digress....

After collecting the dog food I reversed out of my parking space & realised that my exit was blocked. From one side there was a queue of 3 cars & on the other a woman had parked across the road waiting for my space. So I politely gestured that if she could pull over to one side then I could leave - no problem I thought. I hadn't been rude & if she didn't pull over we'd all be sat there all day - I couldn't move & 4 cars wanted my parking space.

I was really shocked when the male passager in her car flicked a V sign at me & shouted abuse. He went to open his door but luckily she stopped him getting out. His face was twisted with anger & I was really scared that he'd get out & attack me.

"Sh*t" I thought. I'm stuck here, I can't drive away & this total idiot has taken offense at my polite request to allow me to leave the carpark. In those few seconds lots of thoughts went through my head - I knew that DH couldn't come quickly as I had the car & anyway he had DD with him. The police are useless & would have arrived when I was a bloody heap across the bonnet or worse.

Luckily the driver moved her car & I was able to drive away - shaking.


the stripey tiger said...

How awful - people can be so thoughtless and rude when they are in their own protective 'car bubble'. Lucky he didn't get out!!

Daisy said...

Good grief, which planet was he from then?!

Fred said...

Seems to be silly season. At least you got away safely though.

Leeanne said...

OH it must have been the weekend.

Though mine wasnt as bad I to had to put up with extreme rudeness but this time it came from a 10yr old boy and his mother. I'll write it on my blog tomorrow. If my kids acted like this kid they'd have the sore'est behinds ever.

Becky said...

Oh what a nightmare - how horrible for you - you must have been terrified. I hope you have recovered now - people can be so odd sometimes - I'm starting to prepare myself now for our trip back to the UK in the summer so that I'm not too shocked by the behaviour - everyone here is so polite and kind, you kind of get used to it.

sue said...

What a horrible situation to be in. I too deal with horrible drivers sometimes, and at one of our big shopping centres parking is very hard to get, so drivers get very impatient. I am sure that that lady is very embarrassed by her friend's actions. I know I would be. I would have made him get out of the car and drive off!(hee hee)

Woolly Wormhead said...

I've just read Pauline's post too, and it all seems too familiar... try teaching the kids of these parents and you see a pattern developing.

Society is on a downward spiral... the blame culture has gone one step further, to the point that everyone is pressumed guilty and therefore deserves abuse as soon as interaction with another person is encountered.

Kida aren't learning social skills or respect. They don't know how to consider someone else's point of view. They don't even know how to respect themselves.

Sorry, rant over. Cynical maybe, but I've seen too much of this and I want out!