Friday, May 05, 2006

Feeling chilled...

I had my birthday massage this morning & walked out feeling very relaxed & smelling of essential oils. The only sign of my injury was a red patch on my skin when my back was massaged - I felt absolutely no pain which was great. True to form I couldn't bear my feet to be touched as I am extremely tickerlish but eventually I could tolerate it. Nearly asleep by the end I felt quite sleepy when I walked outside into the sunshine.

I then spent a lovely afternoon with Piglottie & between us I think we'd be able to put the world to rights. Finally still feeling relaxed & calm I had to leave & made it across town to school with a minute to spare to find Tracy furious with me!

She'd managed to get out of school early & where was I????? She swims early on Fridays so it's always a rush to get her fed in time & the teacher for once let her out so that she could eat her meal without bolting it down. Apparently I should have known that she was out 10 minutes early rather than enjoying some adult time. She didn't end up swimming anyway as has a strained muscle due to her own keep fit routine during playtime. Whilst teaching her friends press-ups & sit-ups, she had strained her shoulder practising her butterfly arm drills (read lots of arm swings & oddly co-ordinated movements).

Whatever happened to marbles????


Steph said...

Ouch! Hope your DD feels better soon. My eldest DD had a nasty fall this afternoon & now has a huge swollen bruise and graze on her chin - to match the one on her knee from a few days back. Must be something in the air! Your massage sounds divine. I think we could all do with one. :-)

RoxyKnits said...

Am jealous of the massage but no doubt will have one or more Malaysia ;)

The story of your daughter amused me - of course you're supposed to be able to mind eh?